About Me


“We travel, some of us forever,

to seek other places, other lives, other  souls.”

Hey there, fellow traveler! Let me introduce my self. My name is Vibeke and I’m 23 years old. I come from a cold and frozen land up north; Norway. I have a huge passion for traveling, surfing and photography. Recently I finished my bachelors degree in marketing and brand management, and now I’m planning to continue my work with digital content within sports events in Norway. 

One beautiful day in March 2014, I left Norway to backpack around the world for two months. And during my time backpacking through Australia, Fiji and many other beautiful places, I fell in love with what this world has to offer. In 2017 I’ll finish my bachelors degree in marketing and brand management and I’ll start my journey into this big, beautiful world. I’ll pack my bags, my camera and my laptop and once again board a plane to let the adventures begin.

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⇢ For further contact, send me an e-mail at vibekelinn@hotmail.com.